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7919Some help please

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  • M.M.
    Mar 1, 2008
      In a new assembled PC installed Win xp pro+sp2 and some other programs
      as needed.
      When this all finished I made the connection to the Internet and all is well
      Here is the problem: After some minutes surfing (any site), I suddenly
      cannot open any page, get the "blank page", so I right-click on the
      connection icon (near the clock) to disconnect it so I can renew the
      connection, but this function is now inoperative (stuck), the icon is there
      but nothing to do with it. The computer acts normally, other programs work,
      I only noticed lately at these moments there is no sound.
      The only thing I can do is reboot which helps for some minutes.
      When I am not connected to the Internet all is fine all day long.
      I ran AntiVirus (AVG free) several times - clean.
      I have a Firewall running, tried to disable it and disable the Windows
      firewall - it does not help.
      In the 'control panel'all device items are (+).
      I think I have described in short everything and would like to ask for some
      OS = Win xp pro+sp2
      CPU = Intel E-2140 1.6 GHz
      Ram = 1024 MB
      Board = Gigabyte GA-VM800PMC

      I have installed a seperate Lan card and made the connection once with the
      'onboard' Lan card and once with the separate card, its all the same.
      I could use ANY help, Please.
      Thanks in advance.

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