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7917Re: [NTO] shopping cart question

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Feb 11, 2008
      K B wrote:
      > Hi Don,
      > I use Ubercart with Drupal for my shopping cart needs. I have never
      > set it up in the manner which you speak of, but Drupal is famous for
      > it's fine grained user roles.
      > Karen
      > http://drupal.org/
      > http://www.ubercart.org/

      I was looking at Ubercart this morning and trying to understand if it
      might do this. I am not sure if I have installed Drupal or not, I think
      I have somewhere along the way. I have tended to really like WordPress
      for CMS issues. I guess I wasn't sure what all was involved when I
      really just need the cart and not cms in this instance. Can it run free
      of drupal?

      I do not believe that there is a mailing list in answer to sister, there
      is a forum and I have posted over there to see what I find out. There
      was a similar question asked in November with no response. Part of my
      problem is that my question may need a group of all cart users, not a
      particular cart, or something like that.

      While I am off topic we often hear people ask if we should go to a forum
      for NT, but frankly I think while you may make history harder to find,
      you do gain reminders and involvement of people more often in
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