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7904Re: [NTO] Security Problems

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  • Dave
    Jan 21, 2008
      Hi Mordechai
      What I would do is to put on XP + SP1 and SP2 + DIRECTX i think it is up to
      10 now ,SP2 makes USB anything much easier to work with and if it is NOT
      going to the outside world go to
      start Internet explorer and go to Tools\Internet options and click then go
      to advanced and scroll down to security and tick the first and second boxes
      and apply and you should be able to run any game anyone wants.

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      Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 10:22 AM
      Subject: Re: [NTO] Security Problems

      > Thank you Loro,
      > I was reading the article linked in your answer, ashamed I must say I did
      > not understand a lot of that,
      > and I am not alone as I read also comments of others there.
      > I wonder if MS had in mind youngsters who have to deal with those
      > 'security'
      > problems.
      > Kindly I will ask you how did you turned-off the security settings.
      > Finally I think to reformat the disk for my grandson's PC and install the
      > OS
      > with sp1, this will be enough
      > for game-playing etc.
      > Thanks again
      > Mordechai
      > On Jan 19, 2008 7:28 PM, loro <loro-spam01-@...> wrote:
      >> Mordechai wrote:
      >> >Hello,
      >> >Recently I am assembling a new computer for my grandson (9 YO) and
      >> installed
      >> >*Windows xp pro+sp2
      >> >May I have some advise (detailed please) how to turn-off those annoying
      >> >security settings, in IE and in the media player, at least while not
      >> >connected.
      >> This is detailed.
      >> http://www.phdcc.com/xpsp2.htm
      >> I'm not sure which of the options there will fix the Flash problem.
      >> Anyway, I recently moved from 2K to XP SP2. I changed the Local
      >> Machine security level in Internet Options first thing I did, and
      >> that of course took care of things. I don't know if that's advisable
      >> or not, but I just can't be bothered...
      >> Lotta
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