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7899Re: [NTO] Search Engine For My Website?

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  • Ray Shapp
    Jan 19, 2008
      Hi Don and All,

      Thanks for your reply.

      <<You can put google on it.>>

      I'm using that on most of my other sites, but the newest one is for a client
      who wants a "clean" theme. Please take a look at www.classiccars.ws for an
      example of an older site. The new one is at www.northeastpicturecars.com. It's
      only a few days old, and has a gallery of only eleven vehicles, but it will
      soon have hundreds. I welcome any and all comments from everyone

      <<If you are using a CMS, like wordpress for example, you will have the data
      in a database and it will be easily searchable.>>

      I've seen several references to WordPress recently (maybe some of them were
      from you). I looked at the WP site, but didn't immediately comprehend how to
      use it for my needs. I'll look at it again. Your idea of drop-down lists is
      very appealing. I'm using EasyImager to create the "albums" for each vehicle.
      I can use the keyword function of EasyImager to record Year, Make, and Model
      for each vehicle. I think that info plus maybe color should be sufficient for
      the search index. Will WordPress mesh well with the keyword function in

      Ray Shapp
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