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7876Re: [NTB] NoteTab as a Writer's Environment

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jan 9, 2008
      Matt Clark wrote:
      > Dennis Hays wrote:
      > I use NoteTab Pro as my preferred environment while
      > composing my ebooks. It's far easier for me to just get the prose out, do
      > some grammatical editing, and then, when finished, import the text file
      > into some "layout program."
      > What layout program would you recommend? I don't do heavy graphics stuff and would want a fairly simple, and cheap one.
      > Matt Clark

      We should definitely go off topic with this and I'll copy that list.

      Please everyone help us in discussion over there (like I'm the off topic
      police or something anyway ;-) ).

      Anyway, word, wordperfect and open office all are pretty rich featured
      for layout. One of them is free at http://openoffice.org

      I have no specific experience in ebooks or publishing in this context.
      I know that when I edit books for print the publisher requires us to use
      word and the change tracking feature. That is actually a helpful thing.

      On the other question: just open open office and then click on file,
      open (be sure "all files" is the selected filtering with the drop down)
      and open the file you wish. It will open in that program and then you
      can add formatting, but when you are done, save it under a different
      name with the proper extension.

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