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7859Re: [NTO] Re: [NTB] PDF files

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Dec 23, 2007
      David Smart wrote:
      > Yes, I think you're saying what I'm saying.
      > It's funny, I really like NoteTab, but I don't seem to use it a fraction of
      > what others do. The only time I ever seem to have text files is when a
      > program requires them (e.g. batch file, configuration files). For almost
      > everything else I do, I seem to need formatting (e.g. Word) or data
      > manipulation (e.g. Access or Excel). Very rarely simple text files.
      > (Actually, I would use Excel at least 5:1 over Word or Access or NoteTab or
      > anything else.)
      > Regards, Dave S
      I use notetab over excel all day, every day, for data manipulation. It
      sorts, combines, strips, etc. etc.
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