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7857Re: [NTO] Re: [NTB] PDF files

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  • Axel Berger
    Dec 23, 2007
      Jeff Scism wrote:
      > Basically PDF are Read Only, and therefor Acrobat (or the Adobe
      > Programs that create PDF Docs) should not be used as a Word Processor.

      Exactly, and read-only is what the final distributed version of anything
      should be. If you don't set silly restrictions, that can be circumvented
      in any case, limited extraction of content is possible as graphics or
      ASCII, but no real editing.

      It is totally the wrong format for work in progress. That said I have
      been asked to provide scans bound together as PDF rather than the raw
      images and having done it I find myself much preferring that for reading
      or scanning (or printing) pages of stuff, but I keep the raw images for
      everything else.

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