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  • David Smart
    Dec 23, 2007
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      > I agree. Creating PDFs for organizations or clubs should be banned!

      I'm probably missing your point here, but ...

      PDFs are great for organisations with wide and varied membership - e.g. for
      clubs. It means that a formatted document can be distributed with the
      knowledge that everyone can see it or print it without needing to have your
      particular brand or level of office software, or needing to buy some special
      display software. This benefit increases when the people producing separate
      documents for distribution are, themselves, possibly using different

      PDF should not be used for data storage (and I don't think it was ever
      intended by its designers that it should). If this is your complaint,
      then - yes I certainly agree. But not just for clubs, etc. It should never
      be used to hold data anywhere.

      Regards, Dave S

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      > --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, Jeff Scism <jeff@...> wrote:
      >> One of the "features" of the portable Document format in the early
      > days
      >> of the format was advertised as "copy protection" preventing people
      > from
      >> copying from your PDF documents. Since that time there have been
      > several
      >> PDF capable programs designed by others which enable access to the
      >> contents of a PDF document.
      >> In an age where data must not only be communicated, but manipulated,
      >> this design is a built in flaw. That is why people have tried to work
      >> around it.
      >> In my view, PDFs are a hassle. if you have to exert yourself to be able
      >> to extract from them, it is more like TV than computing.
      > I agree. Creating PDFs for organizations or clubs should be banned!
      > What software can pull text out of 'protected' PDFs? I'd love to be
      > able to do that!
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