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7849Re: [NTO] Re: [NTB] PDF files

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  • Axel Berger
    Dec 19, 2007
      "Jeff@..." wrote:
      > it depends on the content and the reason for exchanging
      > the document.

      Quite. Everything you describe here are purposes for which PDF is
      particularly inappropiate.

      > The ONLY nice thing about PDF is that it allows printing
      > without hassle

      Not the only one. I often scan whole books and a graphics program is not
      the best way to quickly skim the contents. For that I prefer PDF scaled
      (in the viewer) just big enough to be just legible, and when I've found
      the part I want I go to the raw scan and extract exactly the bit I need.

      One additional hint though:
      For OCR JPG definitely is NOT the format you want to use. For best
      results scan directly to black and white and save as a two colour (i.e.
      black and white, i.e. one bit per pixel) PNG. Just open any JPG with
      scanned text and enlarge the area around a single letter and you'll see,
      why OCRs struggle with it.

      > unfortunately he used password
      > protection, and the docs will not open.

      If you want you may send me one of those files and I'll try to break it.
      Don't expect too much though.

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