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  • Jeff Scism
    Dec 19, 2007
      Matt Clark wrote:
      > Dave S wrote:
      > But, you can export text from a PDF file (from inside the PDF reader) and
      > put it into a text file for "off-line" editing if it's the text you need.
      > What I have is a list of names and addresses in PDF format. If I
      > wanted to add to or correct any of these, how would I export to, say,
      > NoteTab, make the change, and put it back in the original list? I
      > assume I would start by calling the list up in Acrobat Reader. (I
      > don't have the full Adobe Acrobat program.) Thanks for your help.
      > Matt

      One of the "features" of the portable Document format in the early days
      of the format was advertised as "copy protection" preventing people from
      copying from your PDF documents. Since that time there have been several
      PDF capable programs designed by others which enable access to the
      contents of a PDF document.

      In an age where data must not only be communicated, but manipulated,
      this design is a built in flaw. That is why people have tried to work
      around it.

      In my view, PDFs are a hassle. if you have to exert yourself to be able
      to extract from them, it is more like TV than computing.

      I am copying this reply to the Off-topic list,
      ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, because it isn't on-topic for the basic
      NoteTab list. Please continue there.


      Jeffery G. Scism, IBSSG

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