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7815Re: [NTO] Networking, shared folders and security - noob warning

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  • David Smart
    Nov 17, 2007
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      E-mail is not necessarily pure text - it can also be HTML. If you choose
      not to view it that way, then by all means do so, but you are missing half
      the content in some e-mails. I prefer to get full use out of my e-mail

      And yes it is set to preview. But not to run attached files.

      You might wish to nanny your computer. I prefer to let mine take care of

      Regards, Dave S

      PS Yes, I know HTML is text-based, so don't feel a need to point this out.

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      Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2007 8:05 PM
      Subject: Re: [NTO] Networking, shared folders and security - noob warning

      > David Smart wrote:
      >> I get enough viruses in e-mails (say one per week) that
      >> virus checking is a must.
      > Why? Email is text, pure ASCII. All a virus can do is pollute my screen
      > with some meaningless character jumble. Just for fun I even go and open
      > some ZIPs I know to be polluted and lo and behold there is an EXE (often
      > called *.pdf.exe, but an exe nontheless) in there for all to see. If I
      > needed some nanny software to prevent me from actively and purposely
      > running that I'd have to ask serious questions about myself.
      > And so should you if your OS or your email software are configured to
      > open, preview, or run stuff regardless. If not, you've nothing whatever
      > to fear.
      > Axel
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