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7791Re: [NTO] All shortcuts are not created equal

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  • alice ttlg
    Nov 5 4:57 AM
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      On 11/4/07, loro <loro-spam01-@...> wrote:
      > Duh. Never occurred to me. Actually, I found mine in All Users.WINNT.
      > All Users was empty. Boy, do I miss Win95! I've clung to 2K forever.
      > Tomorrow I'll get a new machine with XP. Brace yourselves. There may
      > be a lot of screaming and swearing! Also questions beginning "How do
      > I turn off...", "How do I get rid of...." and so on. ;-)

      XP's not too bad, I used 98 for about six years and finally switched
      to XP in 2005 and pretty much everything I could do in 98, I
      eventually worked out in XP and iirc, just about all my programs
      continued to run just fine. I don't think I even had any problems
      with drivers for anything.

      Vista, however was the Windows killer for me. I bought a Macbook six
      months ago and haven't looked back once. *hugs macbook*

      Hey - did you see the PCWorld tests? The laptop that runs Windows
      Vista the fastest is - tada! - a Macbook Pro! LOL!


      (Ironically, my 2 year old WinXP PC died just about a month ago and
      the only WinPC left in my home now is a seven year old PC running
      Win98 which I use just to play card and board games on while watching
      TV. I blame the WinXP PC death on hardware, not XP, I bought a cheap
      store brand and hard drive crashed, I'd never lost a hard drive
      before, the one in the Win98 PC is eight years old! When my Win98 PC
      goes, I'll get a Mac Mini to replace it. And thank god for USB
      external hard drives, I lost nothing, just plugged that USB drive into
      the Mac and transferred anything I didn't already have there.)

      alice ttlg

      Vox Populli, webhosting for fans
      Glenfinnan, webhosting for everything else
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