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7783Re: [NTO] Browser Behavior on Mac Computer

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  • alice ttlg
    Nov 4, 2007
      On 11/4/07, Ray Shapp <ras45@...> wrote:
      > friend is certain that the code is stored in a file called "test.html". He
      > When I store the same text into a file called "test.htm" on my computer

      You save it as .htm, he's saved it as .html, try asking him to save it
      as .htm instead and see if that works. Mac is Unix/Linux based and
      it's possible that the setting to recognize .html as a webpage is
      somehow missing (this kind of thing can also happen on Linux
      webservers, they have to be told to process .html files the same as
      .htm files).

      Other than that, I'm not sure. You could try taking out the doctype.
      And - you're sending him this file to save locally? If you put it on
      a website, can he see it properly using the url to the website?

      I'm on a Macbook and have no problem displaying locally-saved files
      with either .htm or .html in Firefox v2.0.0.9 (don't have IE on here
      so I can't test that).

      alice ttlg

      Vox Populli, webhosting for fans
      Glenfinnan, webhosting for everything else
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