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7778Re: [NTO] Setup files

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  • Eric Fookes
    Oct 11, 2007
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      Hi Axel,

      >> Everyone downloading the update through the registered version
      >> of NoteTab Pro 5 gets the same file. Obviously, those who don't
      >> have the registered version of NoteTab
      >> cannot download the registered update this way.
      > So that's where the registration is "hidden", i.e. where you tell the
      > difference between between a registered user and one that's not.
      > Seems even I have got that now.

      There is no hidden registration. The paid version of NoteTab is a
      different file from the trial version. If you have the paid version,
      then you can download updates of the paid version. If you have the trial
      version, you cannot get copies of the paid version through the update


      Eric Fookes
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