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7776Re: [NTO] Setup files

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  • Eric Fookes
    Oct 11, 2007
      Hi Axel,

      > Let's see if I've understood that correctly: The "ntp550_Setup.exe" I
      > have just got is not the same file distributed to everyone but a
      > personalized one for me.

      I don't understand what you mean by "personalized". Everyone downloading
      the update through the registered version of NoteTab Pro 5 gets the same
      file. Obviously, those who don't have the registered version of NoteTab
      cannot download the registered update this way.

      > So if I lose everything on my computer and
      > start from scratch on a new one, this one single file is all I need to
      > become a fully registered pro-user again.

      Yes, that is correct. And it enables you to download future free
      updates. As mentioned earlier, you'd have to download the dictionary and
      thesaurus files to benefit from those features.

      > You might make that plainer for dumbos like me. The conventional way is
      > to serve one file to everyone and read registration details from the
      > registry, so one needs to backup more than just the last downloaded
      > version.

      There is no conventional way. There are many different methods for the
      delivery of registered updates.


      Eric Fookes
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