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  • Stan Blazejewski
    Oct 10, 2007
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      On Wed, 10 Oct 2007 07:32:18 +1000, you wrote:

      >On Wednesday, October 10, 2007 1:54 AM
      >Ed Brown wrote:
      >> In the distant past there was some (much) discussion on various anti spam
      >> programs.
      >I've had MailWasher for years--not sure how many! It's great.

      Same here, highly recommended. There is a free version but it's well worth
      paying for the pro version. The best part of it is that it checks the mail 'at
      the ISP level' & junk/spam get deleted 'before' it get downloaded to your
      computer... great for the junk/spam that has large attachments.

      >Free if you have one email address, and I think now about $50 if you have
      >more than one.
      >It downloads the headers and first 20 lines of each email.
      >Pre-marks recognised spam. It seems to have a pretty extensive list of known
      >Shows size of each email and whether there are attachments.
      >You mark those from friends and it builds a "friends" list.
      >You mark any spam it's missed and those are added to the black list. It
      >doesn't miss very many, though.
      >It has a "bounce" facility, but I don't use that. Seems pretty pointless,
      >since most spam is from faked addresses.
      >You can also click a button to show all of the text in any particular email
      >if you want to.
      >When you've looked through the headers and unwanted mail is marked, you say
      >"Process Mail" and it opens your email client. You then click to "Receive
      >All" and only the good emails are downloaded.
      >(You have to have your client set to never check for email.)
      >A bonus is that if you're on dial-up and see that a friend has sent a 2MB
      >attachment, you can mark that email for deletion, then let the friend know
      >that you weren't able to receive their email because it was too big for your
      >mail program.
      >Updates to paid version are seamless. You d/l the new version of the program
      >and run the setup. It picks up all your existing settings. I don't know
      >whether you get the same updates with the free version.
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