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  • alice ttlg
    Oct 9, 2007
      On 10/9/07, Don - HtmlFixIt.com <don@...> wrote:
      > I just use Thunderbird and it does a pretty decent job. Ask the isp if
      > they have a challenge response system available. Those work pretty well
      > too.

      One thing to keep in mind with challenge response programs, they can
      cause all kinds of problems with mailing lists that you belong to -
      you need to be able to do some careful whitelisting, otherwise you can
      end up sending challenges to list members and it can get you banned on
      some mailing lists.

      Also, if you contact someone via a form on their website, you may not
      know the email address that they'll reply from (so you can't really
      whitelist them) and you can end up blocking their replies to you - I
      maintain numerous websites on several domains and people who contact
      me wanting a reply and use those c/r programs never hear from me
      because I refuse to prove I'm not a spammer when they're the ones
      initiating the contact. I suggest keeping a separate address that
      doesn't use the challenge/response program for contacting people thru
      a website form (if you want a reply).

      And there's always the possibility that your c/r program may decide to
      spam everyone you know - SpamArrest did this, they figured that anyone
      sending (legit or not) mail to one of their users was somehow giving
      consent to SpamArrest to send them advertisements about the SpamArrest
      service! Obviously this didn't go over well especially since many of
      those people had no idea that someone they emailed was using
      SpamArrest (because they were already whitelisted by the SpamArrest

      Filtering your incoming mail is much less intrusive to legitimate
      senders and a much better solution than challenge/response programs,

      alice ttlg

      Vox Populli, webhosting for fans
      Glenfinnan, webhosting for everything else
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