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7748Re: [NTO] Setup files

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  • Eric Fookes
    Oct 2, 2007

      Where did you get the trial version from? If you have the registered
      version of NoteTab and use the News and Updates feature to download
      updates, then you will be downloading the latest update of the
      registered version - not a trial version.

      The only difference with the updates and the original full setup file is
      that the English thesaurus and dictionary are not included. But those
      can be downloaded any time from the NoteTab web site.


      Eric Fookes

      Axel Berger wrote:
      > Eric Fookes wrote:
      >> You only need to keep the backup of the latest update you downloaded
      > Yes, I was aware of that. What I meant is this: Of all prgrams I bought
      > or use regularly I keep the setup files somewhere separate so I can
      > install them from scratch again on a virgin drive. Just running the 5.4
      > setup will only yield me a trial version. Do I then copy in a -
      > possibly older - .EXE saved separately and run the setup again, or
      > what?
      > Am I right that the big 3 MB setup was my registered one and if I only
      > install that I can then update from whatever source I like? If so,
      > keeping that one is probably best, isn't it?
      > Axel
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