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7746Re: [NTO] Setup files

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  • Eric Fookes
    Oct 1 11:25 PM
      Hi Axel,

      You only need to keep the backup of the latest update you downloaded
      (i.e. the 5.4 one). Even just keeping the NotePro.exe program file is
      enough to download the latest free updates later on.


      Eric Fookes

      Axel Berger wrote:
      > After several updates the number of setup files on my disk has risen. If
      > I remember correctly I did not register my copy but downloaded a special
      > registered one.
      > Now I have setups for an unnamed pro-version plus the ones for 5.2, 5.3,
      > and 5.4, all about 1.8 MB in size, plus one setup for 5.1 with a size of
      > 3 MB.
      > Am I right in assuming this last one has my registration, so I need to
      > keep that forever plus the latest of the others to be able to reinstall
      > NoteTab should the need arise, and can delete the three others with
      > impunity?
      > Danke
      > Axel
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