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773Re: [NTO] Find reason for slow-down-problem !

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  • Jody
    Aug 4, 2000
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      Hi Knut,

      I thought maybe it you might have needed to not have it start on
      startup. That is good to know! I am glad you **finally* found
      it. Personally, I believe it is up to F-Secure to fix the

      > I'VE GOT IT !!!
      > The F-Secure software is the villain!
      > I completelex uninstall and reboot and:
      > Starting NTP 4.82 from a Desktop link:
      > open in a few milliseconds ;-)

      > *And now* - how can we proceed?
      > 1.) My part: terrorize the F-Secure staff ;-)
      > 2.) Your part: (?) Distribute new versions compressed and uncompressed

      Happy Topics,

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