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772Find reason for slow-down-problem !

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  • Knut Külsen
    Aug 4, 2000
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      Hi Jody - Hi Eric !

      I'VE GOT IT !!!

      The dammed F-Secure software is the villain!
      I completelex uninstall and reboot and:
      Starting NTP 4.82 from a Desktop link:
      open in a few milliseconds ;-)

      And you always knew it:

      > >>> fookes@... 02.08.00 19:30:59 >>>
      > Hello Knut,
      > So the problem is related to Windows creating instances of NoteTab, and
      > other programs like Irfan View. I think Irfan View is also a Delphi
      > application, and like NoteTab it is a compressed executable file. We've
      > noticed in the past that certain anti-virus programs produce a serious
      > slowdown during the loading of compressed executables (more and more common
      > with shareware apps.) There may also be other utilities that interfere with
      > the loading of such programs. Can you remember installing something new
      > just before you started noticing this slow-down problem?

      > >>> KJB1611@... 03.08.00 19:08:41 >>>
      > Hi Knut,
      > >> Perhaps the 'compressed' part is a hint!
      > I realize that would please you, but it would be a lot of work
      > for him the way I understand it. You would also have to get
      > other programmers using compressed .exe files to do the same.
      > Perhaps you can write your virus software people and have them
      > fix the problem if it is indeed the problem.

      *And now* - how can we proceed?
      1.) My part: terrorize the F-Secure staff ;-)
      2.) Your part: (?) Distribute new versions compressed and uncompressed

      Yours very happy
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