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7708Re: [NTO] Mail to a List

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  • Ray Shapp
    Jun 4, 2007
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      Hi Robert and Axel

      Thank you for the replies.

      The PostCast Server that was suggested here contains a local SMTP server. It
      works with many mail clients including Outlook Express. I'm using MSOE and
      PostCast Server now to send you this message.

      PostCast Server is free, however that company's flagship product, PostCast, is
      not free. As soon as I finish with my next newsletter, I will download the
      trial version of PostCast and see for myself whether it performs as I
      understand it to do. Our membership DB is in MS Access. The PostCast website
      says PC and PC Server will work together with MS Access to send what appear to
      be individual emails to each of the members who meet the criteria of Access
      queries I define.

      That sounds ideal because I will then need to maintain only one DB, and
      through the use of custom queries, I can send email to our whole roster or to
      various subsets.

      The Pro version costs $100, but if it performs as advertised, I will purchase
      it for the club.

      I'll report back after I use it.

      Thanks again.

      Ray Shapp
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