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7706Re: [NTO] Mail to a List

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  • Robert Romberger
    Jun 3 10:09 AM
      On 1 Jun 2007 at 14:33, Ray Shapp wrote:

      > How to send mail to a list of addresses?

      Hello Ray,

      I've been reading the replies and your responses to this problem. One of the things I
      think is going to continue to cause you problems is your outgoing mail ISP. Unless you have
      an ISP that will allow you to send to multiple recipients at the same time, you may find that
      you can't send out messages to more than say 25 people at one time. This is due to the way
      many ISP check the To: and Cc: fields. They may even be keying in on the mailer in use - in
      your case, Outlook Express. A list manager that you control locally may get you around the
      ISP mail limit I mentioned before, if it allows you to use the bcc: method of sending list mail.

      I've been using Pegasus Mail (http://www.pmail.com) for many years now as my
      main mail program. One of the things it does well is to set up and send out distribution lists
      (mailing lists just like you describe). Check it out, it may well do what you want.

      Simply pushing harder within the old boundaries will not do. K Weick
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