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7704Re: [NTO] Mail to a List

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  • alice ttlg
    Jun 2, 2007
      On 6/2/07, Ray Shapp <ras45@...> wrote:
      > <<If your webhost doesn't offer cPanel, do they offer mailing lists with the
      > webhosting package?>>
      > Yes, however, we have had bad experiences with that. This ISP tags some of our
      > messages (seemingly randomly) as spam or as potentially containing malware. We
      > send only plain text, and never add attachments, but they block some of our
      > outgoing email anyway. Strangely, some messages are treated differently when
      > the content is identical, and only the addressees differ.

      It's likely that has nothing to do with your list, it may be other
      customers of your webhost on the same server who are sending out spam
      or viruses. Your mail goes out from the same IP address as those
      people and gets tagged for that reason, not because of your actual

      You could also try this service here - I know virtually nothing about
      it except that they're trying to offer an alternative to Yahoogroups
      and Google Groups and they offer both free and pay levels - you could
      try the free version, see how it works out, set up a list, get a
      couple people to join, test out sending messages, etc.

      > No. After I secure permission from a member, I use the "Invite" feature within
      > the Y! group. A recipient of an invitation needs only to follow the prompts.

      Actually they can join by email which doesn't need an invite and would
      keep them from setting to NoMail. All they have to do is hit reply on
      the invitation - don't click on the link, just hit reply and that will
      get them on the list set to individual emails.

      You can put that instruction - to just hit reply, not click on the
      link - in the text of your invitation. If you put it in all caps,
      most people would likely see it and follow it.

      > finally get established are unable to update their email address if that
      > becomes necessary.

      You could unsub them and directly add them when they change email
      addresses - since that would only be an occasional one here and there,
      you could do that. Just tell your list members to let you know when
      they need to change their email address.

      alice ttlg

      LJ: http://alicettlg.livejournal.com/
      Vox Populli: http://www.populli.org/
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