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770Re: Antw: Re: NoteTab and NT4 sp6a

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  • Knut Külsen
    Aug 3, 2000
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      Hi Jody!
      (now in the off-topic list!)

      > >>> KJB1611@... 03.08.00 18:03:05 >>>
      > Hi Knut,
      > You can try 4.52 (write me at mailto:Jody@... if you need
      > one) which was the last version of NoteTab before we went to the
      > compressed executable.

      I already replyed Eric:
      > > I think Irfan View is also a Delphi application, and like
      > > NoteTab it is a compressed executable file.
      > Perhaps the 'compressed' part is a hint!
      > Is it possible for you to send me a _un_compressed notetab.exe?
      Any change for a *un*compressed Version 4.82??
      Perhaps the solution !!!!
      And a uncompressed / greater notetab.exe is not a problem at all (IMHO)

      > If it works, then we are back to the
      > anti-virus issue that I mentioned way back when and Eric followed
      > up on. It could be that you need to shut it down via whatever
      > you use to start it on startup. Closing programs once they have
      > been started does not always release everything back to as state
      > like they were never run.
      O.K. - I'll begin to examine my system and
      start to kill all anti-virus stuff I'll find

      > If you would lets follow up with this on the Off-Topic list now.
      > Thanks!!!
      You're welcome

      > Happy Topics,
      > Jody
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