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7699Re: [NTO] Mail to a List

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jun 1, 2007
      Hi Ray,

      On 01 Jun 07 19:33 Ray Shapp <ras45@...> said:
      > others will not
      > navigate successfully the hurdles that Yahoo imposes

      I wonder if you are recommending that they visit the Yahoo web site,
      and signup via that. That can present hurdles for the computer naive
      as it forces you into the business of registering for all the web
      services provided by YahooGroups (photos, files, calendar, polls,

      However, even the most un-netsavvy should be able to send an email to:


      and then reply to the auto-response, without too much difficulty.
      That is sufficient to notification e-mails from the list that you

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