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7698Re: [NTO] Mail to a List

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  • alice ttlg
    Jun 1, 2007
      On 6/1/07, Ray Shapp <ras45@...> wrote:
      > To All,
      > How to send mail to a list of addresses?
      > I am editing a newsletter for an amateur astronomy club ( www.asterism.org ).
      > I want to send notification to about a hundred members when each new issue

      Does your webhost for asterism.org use cPanel? (a webhosting control
      panel for the user to do various things such as create email
      addresses, etc.) If so, cPanel includes Mailman, a mailing list
      software which is easy to use and you'd be able to export the
      addresses at Yahoogroups and directly add them to a new list in the
      Mailman list software.

      If your webhost doesn't offer cPanel, do they offer mailing lists with
      the webhosting package? Some do, it's worth asking to see if you
      already have an alternative in what you're paying for.

      If no on both accounts, you might look around for a webhost that does
      use cPanel and move your domain there - depends on how much hassle
      that is.

      alice ttlg

      LJ: http://alicettlg.livejournal.com/
      Vox Populli: http://www.populli.org/
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