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  • Ray Shapp
    Jun 1, 2007
      To All,

      How to send mail to a list of addresses?

      I am editing a newsletter for an amateur astronomy club ( www.asterism.org ).
      I want to send notification to about a hundred members when each new issue
      goes online. Some members have subscribed to a Yahoo group which I created for
      this purpose, and they get notification via that channel, but others will not
      navigate successfully the hurdles that Yahoo imposes. Others do get onto the
      Y! group, but then select "no mail" for their delivery option. IOW,
      notifications via Y! are not working well.

      When I send a single email to more than about 8 or 10 members, the ISP of one
      or more of them will reject my message as spam, and sometimes none of the
      other people on the copy list don't get my message either when one ISP bounces

      My current solution is to query the Membership database (it is in Microsoft
      Access) to get a list of current email addresses, then I cut and paste five
      addresses at a time into the "Bcc" line in my Outlook Express email client.
      This works, but it requires sending about 20 copies of the same email each
      month to cover 100 members.

      Can anyone suggest a mail handling application that will do this job for me?
      Freeware, of course is best, but I am authorized to purchase software if
      necessary. The club, however, wants to avoid using any service that will
      require a monthly fee.

      Only the members who give me their explicit consent go onto my list,
      therefore, they definitely don't regard these mailings as spam.

      Thank you for your help.

      Ray Shapp
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