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7687Re: [NTO] DOS Programs on LCDs XP and Vista

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  • David Smart
    May 28, 2007
      You need to get a bit more information. E.g. what does "it will not run
      full screen" mean? Does it mean that it won't change its display mode at
      all, and still continues to display in a window? Or does it mean that it
      goes full screen and the monitor can't cope with it?

      My XP Pro's go (nearly) full screen on my Dell 17" LCDs at home and
      completely full screen on my wife's Dell 19" LCD. My XP pro at work also
      goes full screen (or nearly full screen - I don't remember, and I'm not
      there today). Don't know about your dad's Vista, but your client's XP
      shouldn't have problems.

      AFAIK the resolution used for full-screen DOS windows will be the same
      resolution used by the BIOS as the computer boots. If you can see that OK,
      then your graphic card and monitor are comfortable with text resolution (80
      x 25 characters) windows.

      What happens when you try a CRT monitor on your client's computer? That
      will certainly tell you whether it's CRT-related or not.

      Regards, Dave S

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      Subject: [NTO] DOS Programs on LCDs XP and Vista

      >I think this is an issue related to LCD monitors and independent of
      > the OS. I have tried Googling, but can't seem to get the right
      > combination of queries to get the right answers. I have also tried on
      > the MS Knowledgebase.
      > My dad has a new PC with MS Vista. He has an old DOS database program
      > PC-FILE that he keeps all of his addresses. He says it will not run
      > full screen.
      > At work, I support some old DOS programs. One client got new PCs with
      > Win XP Pro and LCD monitors. They also cannot get the DOS programs to
      > run full screen. The closest they could come was changing the screen
      > resolution to 800x600, but it is still in a DOS window. This is not a
      > good solution, as it limits what they can do in Windows programs.
      > I do not have XP or an LCD monitor to fiddle with at work. I know
      > there has to be a simple answer for the driver or a monitor setting.
      > I am sure this issue will keep coming up, as we have about 150 clients
      > on the collection of DOS software I support. It will be years before
      > we get them moved to Windows software.
      > Thanks!
      > Larry Hamilton
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