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7686Re: [NTO] DOS Programs on LCDs XP and Vista

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  • Jason W.
    May 28, 2007
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      On 5/28/07, lm_hamilton <lmh@...> wrote:

      > My dad has a new PC with MS Vista. He has an old DOS database program
      > PC-FILE that he keeps all of his addresses. He says it will not run
      > full screen.

      Is it possible his DOS window just isn't in full-screen mode? Have him
      hit Alt-Enter to try to switch to full screen. Full-screen DOS is the
      same video mode as when most computers boot up and you see nothing but
      text right before you see the Windows loading screen.

      I've LCD's at work and I occasionally have to work in non-GUI mode.
      I've not seen an LCD refuse to do so, and if this is the case with
      your dad, it's a very odd LCD indeed :)

      HTH, YMMV, HANW :)


      My operat~1 system unders~1 long filena~1, does yours?
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