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7664Re: [Clip] Regex informations? Where?

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  • Axel Berger
    Apr 8, 2007
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      abet backup wrote:
      > In the cheapest way (Western Union or MoneyGram) in each remittance
      > the receiver MUST go to a WU or MoneyGram office/affiliate PERSONALLY,
      > and also this will cost US$ 20.00/25.00 to the sender.

      This reply is a one off here, please answer to it in off-topic if at

      Cheques were a great innovation when the Fuggers came up with with them
      some centuries ago. All the world except for Britain and the US have
      long gone over to giro transfer. Paypal used to be an alternative for
      cross Atlantic payments. But if the American account number and routing
      number are given, transfers from Europe have recently dropped from fairy
      tale to merely ridiculous, so things begin to be doable.
      Myself I have go a bank account in New york city and so can mail and
      accept cheques.
      But don't Fookes accept credit cards? Their rates for samll amounts are
      quite reasonable IMHO.