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7660Re: [Clip] List problem

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Mar 17, 2007
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      Fellow clip listers,

      The discussion here has wandered a bit *off topic* as far as clips are
      concerned. It would respectfully ask that it be carried to the
      off-topic list and I'll copy it there. Could we please discontinue the
      discussion here out of courtesy to those following for clip information.

      It is a fact that posts disappear for random amounts of time. They
      always have in my 8 or so years here. I have sent follow-up emails that
      arrive hours before the first email, etc. We get what we pay for here
      and then some ...

      It might just be time for an etiquette reminder. Here are a couple of
      points for all the enjoy that you are free to disagree with :-) but on
      the off topic list please ...

      Straight thank you messages have been on the up-tick recently. Jody has
      in the past reminded people that you can send a straight thank you to
      the recipient directly. It certainly is okay to say this solution
      worked with the following modifications or whatever to complete the
      thread. But just to say thanks -- especially to a series of posters in
      a row just makes noise on our list.

      Several messages have seemed a bit heated or personal in nature to me
      ... keep things non-personal. Don't overstate issues. Example, compare
      the message behind "It might be inadvisable to do x" vs "No, no, never
      break the rule by doing x" when in fact it may in fact not be a rule but
      rather a preferred practice or something you believe in.

      Lastly, many are snipping (see VbelowV where fw7oaks did just that)
      content that need not be repeated back and forth blindly.

      Jody is undoubtedly up in heaven looking in on the list saying "don't
      make me come down there ..."


      fw7oaks wrote:
      > --- Axel Berger <Axel-Berger@...> wrote:
      > [snip]
      >> This message was first posted this morning at a quarter past
      >> midnight, my time.
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