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7649Jody passed away last night...

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  • Eric Fookes
    Feb 28, 2007
      Hi everyone,

      I am sad to announce that Jody passed away last night at around 2 am
      (Florida time). Jody was a very good friend and he will be greatly
      missed. I am happy though that he's no longer suffering and I believe he
      is now with the Lord.

      The very first message I received from Jody was on May 10, 1997. Since
      then there has been a flood of emails between us that never stopped
      until end of January 2007 when he was rushed to hospital.

      Looking through my email archives I found that Jody started the first
      NoteTab mailing list in October 1997. He started handling some NoteTab
      sales (checks, money orders) in spring 1998 and officially became a
      member of the Fookes Software team. Then around November 1998, Jody
      started handling NoteTab customer support and has done so faithfully for
      all Fookes Software titles until last month.

      I only met Jody once in person. That was in July 2000 when I invited him
      to join me at the Shareware Industry Conference in Tampa. NoteTab Light
      was announced the winner of the 2000 "Shareware Industry Awards" in the
      Best Application category during that event. It was thrilling to
      celebrate the award together. Unfortunately, I haven't had the
      opportunity to return to the USA since then.

      Fookes Software won't be quite the same anymore without Jody.


      Eric Fookes
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