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7646Jody is in hospital

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  • Eric Fookes
    Feb 22, 2007
      Hi everyone,

      I have received permission from Jody's wife to give you information
      about his health situation.

      Jody was rushed to hospital at the beginning of the month and has been
      diagnosed with last stage cancer. he has been moved to the hospice a few
      days ago. According to his wife, Doreen, Jody won't be returning home.
      If you would like to send Jody something or visit him, his address is as

      Joseph Adair Rm. #302
      West FL Hospital
      8383 N. Davis Hwy.
      Pensacola, FL 32514

      If you want to make a donation to help out Jody and his family, you can
      do so to Doreen's PayPal account: w8n4him@...

      Here's an extract of the latest news I have received from Doreen:

      Jody is still pretty alert, and even walks to the bathroom. Most of his
      memory is coming back. He complains of pain every time he is awake. The
      Dr. says that they have to gradually increase the pain meds.

      Jody was confused why he was in the hospital, and that no one seemed to
      be trying to cure him of his pain. He kept talking about going home, so
      I had to tell him why he was there. This way he could tell me if there
      is anything special that he needs done, such as funeral services. I
      brought him his laptop, but he couldn't remember his password to log on.
      If he has a really good day soon, he will probably use the laptop. Maybe
      you will receive a message from him!


      Eric Fookes
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