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7632Re: [NTO] Question regarding email address

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  • Alan
    Feb 1, 2007
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      On Thursday 01 February 2007 09:14, C. H. Sulka (Digital Technology, Inc.)
      > I recently received an email, i.e. <john@....>
      > I sent a reply, which was not bounced back.

      Did you look at the <reply-to> header before you replied to see exactly where
      you're reply would go to.

      and/or does your email client otherwise display where the email will go
      to "before" you (finally) opt to actually send out this reply.

      > Yet when I try to
      > go to the web site for a look around, my browser reports
      > an error, "abcdefg.com could not be found. Please
      > check the name and try again".
      > Can someone explain how a domain name which does
      > not exist can be used as an email address? I'm a bit
      > confused.

      The particular email server that sends out the 1st, the original email is
      critical here. Most, if not all of ISP's email servers would not send it out
      due to they'd first verify that the domain must exist before they would allow
      to send out this email.

      There may, however, be some ISP's that do not run this check.

      1. But, then (some spammers) have been known to break into a computer and
      install a (rogue) email server on. For example,

      comcast zombies

      as a search term at google search engine used to turn up (it's now old news

      a rougue email server does what it does/wants, can do so without regard to
      check if a domain exists or not.

      2. Anyone, spammer or not, can set up their own email server and opt to or not
      to check if a domain exists before sending out an email that is "supposedly"
      from a certain domain.

      When "from" a domain that doesn't exist this could be a faked/forged "from" in
      the header of the email. (there is such a thing as faked/forged "from"

      Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is something that can police any
      forged/faked "from" header. SPF is somewhat in use that I know of but not in
      widespread, everywhere useage/implemented.

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