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7628RE: [NTO] php syntax mistake?

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  • Jonathan Woodbridge.com
    Jan 25, 2007
      Hello Bob,

      > I made the mistake of posting my first version then going off
      > to have a bath . . . Here's the slightly more elegant revised version.

      thinking is always dangerous! thanks so much for this, it works great.

      I still can't exactly see why the old code doesn't work, but then, I've
      never gotten very far with php or c or anything except WordBasic.

      I run a website for Peace Brigades International, we send volunteers to
      accompany human rights activists who are threatened for their work. Your
      code just got our Spanish language pages on our project in Guatemala up and
      running again at www.peacebrigades.org/guatemala

      Enjoy Brittany: when I was a boy, I used to vacation in Le Val Andre, not so
      far away, I think. Glad someone else likes Spencer Brown's Laws of Form.


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