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7617Re: [NTO] Internet-Explorer editor

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  • Stan Blazejewski
    Jan 19, 2007
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      That's very simple & already built into NoteTab....

      What you need to do is open your clipbook (press F4) and make sure Utilities is
      selected. Scroll down to the bottom & you'll see 'NoteTab Shortcuts' .... just
      double click on the ones you want (usually all of them).

      On Sat, 20 Jan 2007 00:38:54 +0200, you wrote:

      >In a new PC, installed win xp pro and MS office, and some other programs.
      >Right now there are 3 options as Internet-explorer editors : Word, Excel,
      >and Notepad.
      >I would like very much to make Notetab the only editor, but when I click the
      >small black arrow near the editor's symbol, there is no place to search for
      >another program or remove any of the three mentioned above.
      >Even in the "Tools -> programs" of the IE I cannot change it.
      >Please point to a place where are instructions how to do it, or please
      >somebody will answer with instructions.
      >Thanks in advance

      Australia isn't "down under", it's "off to one side"!

      www.cobracat.com (home of the Australian Cobra Catamaran)
      www.parkdaleyc.com (where most of them sail)
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