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7613Strange behavior

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  • M.M.
    Dec 28, 2006
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      Recently when I play a video clip (with Power DVD or Nero ShowTime, because
      I stopped using WMP - its slow) no matter what kind AVI / WMV / MPG or size,
      in series (one after the other), *sometimes* the computer SHUT DOWN (without
      any warning) and starts to reboot -
      of course there is the blue screen, the drive checks (sometimes one drive
      sometimes more) and then the reboot finished and everything is fine and
      computer works normaly.
      In the "Control panel - Device Mgr." everything is "+", no conflicts,
      I ran updated AntiVirus, AdWare, SpySweeper - all is clean.
      No matter if online or offline.

      And some other thing, while online and going to links from page to page,
      many times the IE crashes.

      OS is win xp pro+sp1
      Memory 640 MB
      CPU AMD Athlon 1.2
      Display card (AGP) Nvidia Geforce FX5200 + 128MB

      The main thing which bothers me is the first one, perhaps some hardware
      Any ideas to solve the problem or tests to locate the problem will be
      Thanks in advance
      and Happy New Year

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