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7510Re: [NTO] benefits of disk imaging?

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  • Brian Binder
    Oct 3, 2006
      One of my biggest arguments from Ghost is that it gives you a bootable
      CD that doesn't allow you to create images with. <rolls eyes>

      ATI gives you network support, FTP support (in the newest version) and
      widespread hardware support for all types of hardware on a nice Linux
      kernel with fantastic hardware detection.

      Ghost still lacks in all those departments for different reasons.

      Al ~Alvaro~ Guevara wrote:
      > Wonder why no-one mentions Ghost?
      > But it sure does El Sucko, yes.
      > I was going to take my Dell 80 gig C-drive and put it on my new home
      > built ATX Micro portable "Scream machine I just assembled.
      > Crap! Guess I gotta go buy that True Image deal
      > Al
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      >>It kinda stinks doesn't it? More and more restrictive. Think of how
      >>much more MS would do if people didn't complain about some of their
      >>ATI is Acronis True Image from http://www.acronis.com
      > <http://www.acronis.com> and the FAST
      >>Wizard is on the Windows XP CD. ;)
      >>Al ~Alvaro~ Guevara wrote:
      >>> Thanks for the long explanation, I'm behind the times Windows wise it
      > seems.
      >>>>Else, you can use the XP File And Settings Transfer Wizard
      >>>>And using ATI will allow you to explore your image down
      >>> Are both the above Windows deals?
      >>> Al
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