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7507Re: [NTO] benefits of disk imaging?

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  • Al ~Alvaro~ Guevara
    Oct 2, 2006
      Thanks for the long explanation, I'm behind the times Windows wise it seems.

      >Else, you can use the XP File And Settings Transfer Wizard
      >And using ATI will allow you to explore your image down

      Are both the above Windows deals?


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      >Because you can't simply swap drives in an XP environment like you could
      >with Windows 98.

      >Windows 98 would normally redetect things upon the new boot with no real
      >issues minus the driver support. You had to load up all new drivers if
      >the system was really different. This was also not a clean approach at
      >all because you'd have "ghost" hardware that existed.

      >With Windows XP, most of the times this process is illegal.

      >Most people buy Windows XP's OEM version with whatever PC they buy
      >because the cost is less than a retail copy. OEM licenses are bound to
      >the hardware, so if you throw your HD in another PC, you are breaking
      >the terms of the EULA under an OEM license environment.

      >Also, when you initially boot Windows XP in the new system, chances are
      >it's just going to BSOD because of the clash of hardware. It doesn't
      >act the same as Windows 98 so ... those are a few reasons on why to do
      >all that.

      >I too, use Acronis True Image and think it's fantastic. I can offer
      >that they have a "Universal Restore" feature that allows you to simply
      >restore everything from your image onto a new drive with dissimilar
      >hardware. As much as I love their product, I have YET to hear anyone
      >from Acronis explain it ... period. No one seems to understand how it
      >works. The forums are even scarce on the subject.

      >I'd really want to know the intricacies of the "plugin" before I'd
      >consider purchasing it.

      >Else, you can use the XP File And Settings Transfer Wizard for some of
      >your settings and programs.

      >And using ATI will allow you to explore your image down the road so you
      >can simply restore certain sections of your directory trees where your
      >settings were stored.

      >There's options...I do it for people all the time with great results.

      >Al ~Alvaro~ Guevara wrote:
      >> Why do all that when you can simply swap HD's in 10 minutes?
      >> Al
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      >> Subject: [NTO] benefits of disk imaging?
      >>>I will be buying a new computer soon, running xp pro. I would love
      >>>to minimize the agonizing re-install of all my favorite apps and
      >>>their settings. I have the impression that there is no way around
      >>>this, but can some of it be lessened by imaging the curent hard drive
      >>>and restoring all or part of its contents to the new system?
      >>>thanks for any wisdom.

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