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7505Re: [NTO] benefits of disk imaging?

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  • Alan_C
    Oct 2, 2006
      On Monday 02 October 2006 07:05, Dean Martineau wrote:
      > I will be buying a new computer soon, running xp pro. I would love
      > to minimize the agonizing re-install of all my favorite apps and
      > their settings. I have the impression that there is no way around
      > this,

      There is software to aid in the copy/xfer of your data from former box to new
      machine. but they mostly somehow "hook" the 2 'puters together like via a
      serial port cable or else network the 2 machines.

      Win XP (or is it Win 2K) has a built in (native) software to aid in copy/xfer
      data and personal settings from fomer to a new 'puter. But I'm unfamiliar
      with this software.

      I've never used those types of software.

      What I do is I usually copy my data and do very similar to like how John
      Mitchell explained, whenever I need to get migrated over to a new machine.

      > but can some of it be lessened by imaging the curent hard drive
      > and restoring all or part of its contents to the new system?

      Typically an HD imaging is not used for that. This is not to say that your
      data could not be xferred in this manner.

      But there likely (there are) easier ways to get your data xferred.

      And the use of imaging the hard drive is very well explained by hopefully you
      saw John Mitchell's post, in that post 2nd paragraph about "take an image

      That, John's paragraph, is the same purpose (for HD imaging software) that I
      had meant to be about/for in my other post about Acronis True Image.

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