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7503Re: [NTO] benefits of disk imaging?

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  • Alan_C
    Oct 2, 2006
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      the thing about imaged backups is that they eventually get old, outdated.
      But, nonetheless, I find them a handy thing to have (it can save my bacon).

      Me too, (works great) on the Acronis. I have their latest True Image home

      For many years I've sent backup image across the network. I used to capture
      (the storage location) for the image be a networked Win 2K box (also requires
      a dhcp server on the network -- many combo router/dsl_modem serve dhcp)

      I discovered recently that a Linux box running Samba (on the network) works
      identical to my former method of a networked Win 2K box.

      So now, when I image, I have the Linux/Samba box running (destination for
      image) then boot the other 'puter from Acronis boot CD then send image over
      the network to the Linux/Samba box. Works nice. The reverse (restore image)
      works nice too.

      Also can image Linux with the exception of Linux LVM (logical volume
      manager) -- True Image supports many/most Linux file systems (in addition to
      the Win file systems).

      Also supports many other storage/destination if you're not interested in using
      a networked box as the destination.

      g4U and another, a partition imager are open source softwares. But I'm
      unaware how these compare/measure_up. Alan.

      On Monday 02 October 2006 09:04, sisterscape wrote:
      > Yes, Acronis has worked very well for me. I have restored images
      > perhaps 5 times and it's always worked flawlessly. However, the
      > restore was to the same computer. While it's possible to clone to a
      [ . . ]
      > --- bruce.somers@... wrote:
      > > > I will be buying a new computer soon, running xp pro. I would love
      > > > to minimize the agonizing re-install of all my favorite apps and
      > > > their settings. I have the impression that there is no way around
      > > > this, but can some of it be lessened by imaging the curent hard
      > >
      > > drive
      > >
      > > > and restoring all or part of its contents to the new system?
      > > >
      > > > thanks for any wisdom.
      > > >
      > > > Dean
      > >
      > > You should look at Acronis TrueImage and perhaps others, and then
      > > make your own decision.
      > >
      > > I have just reinstalled WIN 2000 and it is a grand catastrophe!
      > > Costing time measured in days!
      > >
      > > Bruce
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