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7477[NTO] Re: Free Upgrade (I have a question)

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  • Sheri
    Sep 10, 2006
      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, "Alec Burgess" <buralex@...>
      > QUESTION:
      > I'm still having BIG problems with the new Notetab engine in how
      > to *handle* line endings w/o having to do them by try and fail
      > and try again:
      > eg. select only lines that match OR only lines
      > that do not match lines: of the form:
      > - csv2html,
      > - html2xml
      > when they are buried in a lengthy dir listing including
      > - csv2html
      > - csv2html.exe
      > - any_non-matching_junk.xxx
      > - all sorts of other stuff
      > with a view to using a single replace dialog command(s) which
      > remove all *but* the *junk* or
      > removes *only* the *junk*
      > Every once in a while, I get it accidentally, but then forget how
      > I did it the next time :(
      > What I want are simplest form expression(s) that don't include
      > explicit use of "\r\n" and any more than absolutely necessary
      > use of (?-m-s) modifiers.
      > Sheryl: Are you here?

      Do you mean Sheri? :)

      I don't understand the requirement you stated. Is it lines that have
      the literal text "- csv2html" or "- html2xml" anywhere on them that
      you want to show?

      For testing regular expressions on a sample of data using NoteTab
      regex engine, try my clip "Preview Listing in Browser" (part of the
      free Color Highlighting package posted in the files area of the
      Clips list on Yahoo).

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