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7476Re: [NTO] Re: Free Upgrade (I have a question)

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  • Alec Burgess
    Sep 10, 2006
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      I haven't looked at the http://www.regular-expressions.info
      that Stefan mentions (it touts Regex Buddy) very deeply at all
      but AFAICT http://weitz.de/cl-ppcre/ which touts Regex Coach is
      of similar quality but Regex Coach is FREE :)
      download: http://weitz.de/regex-coach/main
      help for Regex Coach: http://weitz.de/regex-coach/#howto

      Just curious Stefan if you happened to have looked at both,
      anywhere that you see the Regex Buddy: site and/or program as
      significantly superior to Regex Coach?

      I got the Regex Coach program and I've been site-googling trying
      to figure out how to show line-endings (ie. \r\n)
      *without success* so far :-(

      I'm still having BIG problems with the new Notetab engine in how
      to *handle* line endings w/o having to do them by try and fail
      and try again:
      eg. select only lines that match OR only lines
      that do not match lines: of the form:
      - csv2html,
      - html2xml
      when they are buried in a lengthy dir listing including
      - csv2html
      - csv2html.exe
      - any_non-matching_junk.xxx
      - all sorts of other stuff

      with a view to using a single replace dialog command(s) which either:
      remove all *but* the *junk* or
      removes *only* the *junk*

      Every once in a while, I get it accidentally, but then forget how
      I did it the next time :(

      What I want are simplest form expression(s) that don't include
      explicit use of "\r\n" and any more than absolutely necessary
      use of (?-m-s) modifiers.

      Sheryl: Are you here?

      Regards ... Alec

      On 9/8/06, Stefan Elssner <elssner@...> wrote:

      > Still not enough?
      > Check
      > which will not hesitate to provide you some hints to buy the author's
      > software products, but nevertheless is a very good and comprehensive
      > reference site on the topic.
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