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7475Re: Free Upgrade (I have a question)

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  • Stefan Elssner
    Sep 8, 2006

      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, ladyck3@... wrote:
      > However, everyone talks about all of the major improvements
      regarding REGEX, what in the world is REGEX? (so its a part of the
      program that I've not used, this may be a stupid user trick, but I
      have to ask).
      > Oh yeah, and reader's digest condensed version, what is this REGEX
      everyone keeps talking about? Is this something to do with clips? I
      never did master that one either.. :)

      It has nothing to do with clips (other than clips can use this feature
      by way of some of the clip functions).

      Really condensed:
      REGEX is a shorthand for Regular Expression(s) which stands for a
      powerful means to define text searches.

      A little more information can be found here, if wanted:
      [glossary.otl::Regular Expression]
      (Menu/Help/NoteTab Glossary)

      Next more complete information is in the NoteTab Help file, under
      Regular Expressions.

      Still not enough?
      Check http://www.regular-expressions.info
      which will not hesitate to provide you some hints to buy the author's
      software products, but nevertheless is a very good and comprehensive
      reference site on the topic.



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