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7468Re: [NTO] Free Upgrade (I have a question)

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  • ladyck3@comcast.net
    Aug 31, 2006
      I purchased the upgrade, I have been a loyal user for... well many many years... let's see....since March of 2000 so that's 6.5 yrs now... and am happy to see the long awaited 5.x arrive.

      However, everyone talks about all of the major improvements regarding REGEX, what in the world is REGEX? (so its a part of the program that I've not used, this may be a stupid user trick, but I have to ask).

      Then it is said other minor changes were made. Quite frankly, I see no difference in the program other than I have no clue how to import my customizations so I have to go through and reset all my colors and preferences <sigh>. However, this program has been a mainstay of mine for 6+ years and would not do without it.

      Fookes software (Eric and Jodi) have been quite fare with me in the past on other issues, like Jodi said, we won't discuss this here... I am loyal because they are loyal.

      HOWEVER! The one area of disappointment that I have is the fact that the major request that I had for NTB did not come to fruition, and that is Outlines which can be made into trees, with hierachy... indents, sub_articles... but that wish was realized in another application.

      Now since this is the NTO group and I have seen the mention of many applications in the past, in this topic group, that I have sought out and checked because it was recommended by one or another, I offer this to everyone.

      If your interest is Outlines, and that is where NTB shines, for my use, you may wish to check out another application which works perfectly fantastical along side of NoteTab, you can even use your OTL files within this program... check out the program called "INSIGHT" from www.dataomega.com I'm telling you all, if Outlines are your cup of tea, Insight is something you should take the time to check.

      I use both NTB and Insight religiously... now my work needs have changed some so I don't use them as much as I did a year ago, but I use them daily and am not sorry that I paid the extra fee for the upgrade.

      Someone stated they think that programs should, once paid for, be upgraded for free each time... yeah? Well talk to Unca Bill about that, with Windows, Office, and heck any other big league program, do you get THOSE upgrades for free? I think not! So please, as Jodi said, a cutoff has to be made somewhere and I fully understand your angst... trust me, I've had this happen to me as well.... you have to make the personal decision.... do I upgrade or do I not upgrade, and then deal with it.....

      Hugs 'n kisses y'all <batting eyes sweetly> LOL

      hehehehe, I kill me sometimes :)

      Oh yeah, and reader's digest condensed version, what is this REGEX everyone keeps talking about? Is this something to do with clips? I never did master that one either.. :)

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