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7462Re: [NTO] Microsoft security updates

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  • Mordechai
    Aug 25, 2006
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      Hello and Thanks,
      Oh yes, I had my lesson the hard way, and still I will not install SP2 as I
      read many anti SP2 articles here and there about programs stopped etc.
      However, since MS (as I already mentioned) will stop supporting sp1 systems,
      I have downloaded ALL security updates for this system untill now, keep them
      on a CD, and when I reinstall win xp+sp1, I first make a backup, install
      those security updates, and only then, if everything is OK, install all
      other programs.
      If I am wrong please let me know.
      Thanks to all,

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      > I feel your pain! After experiencing grief from certain MS updates, I
      > developed a habit of only installing them one at a time. That way I
      > can pinpoint any problems that may be created. Could it be that some of
      > the glitches you had are from not having SP2 installed? Hope it's all
      > settled now.
      > sisterscape
      > --- Mordechai <airflow@...> wrote:
      > > Hello,
      > > I would like to share with you the following:
      > > Recently, after a long period of time, I decided to make some updates
      > > from Microsoft, and I am still sorry about that.
      > > My PC was examined and found about 40 security updates to install -
      > > not to mention SP2 which on purpose I do not install.
      > > So I let the program download and install those 40 updates, when done
      > > I was asked to reboot.
      > > When the PC came back to live, I noticed something is wrong, some
      > > programs which should start with Windows (from the day they were
      > > installed) have not started. The worse was Norton Anti virus among
      > > them, so I started it manually but then I noticed the "Auto Protect"
      > > and mail check are disabled - could not enable them at all.
      > > And I found some new planted icon in the system traybar, looks like a
      > > star, notifying that on October 2006 Microsoft stops supporting
      > > systems with SP1, could'nt they just notify it on their site?
      > > I decided to Restore my system as befor the updates but all my
      > > restore points gone because the updates created restore points
      > > themselves.
      > > I used the most early restore point (loosinng some updates) and then
      > > the Anti virus was back normal, but on the next reboot it was
      > > disabled again.
      > > After this restore there was no use to undo the updates one by one, I
      > > created some shortcuts for the programs that have to start with
      > > windows and put them in the programs startup menu.
      > > Finished with a whole new installation of the antivirus program and
      > > live update.
      > > Right now everything "looks" normal, but I do not know which other
      > > installed programs were 'touched' by these updates.
      > > Well, this is the end of the story, just for info.
      > > Regards
      > > Mordechai
      > > airflow@...
      > >
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