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7459Re: [NTO] Microsoft security updates

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  • Gerard Huijing
    Aug 23, 2006
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      I can only commiserate, like sisterscape has done already.
      I would advise you to consider using imaging software in the future. I
      use Terabyte Image for Windows, imaging is also possible with Terabyte
      BootITNG. You have also Norton Ghost, Acronis and there are more. The
      difference with Sysrestore is that you replace your (e.g.) C: partition
      with your imaged C: partition, lock stock and barrel. I make a fresh
      image at least once a week, so in the worst case I will have lost what
      was added on C in the last week, provided of course I did not take some
      extra measures (but I do :-)). No hassles with updates or installs going
      wrong, your trashed partition simply doesn't exist anymore after you
      have restored the (good) image. You can check if the image is valid when
      you create it.

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