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7437Re: [NTO] Re: HELP: 30 seconds to open txt file is killing me

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Aug 1, 2006

      Is V-central a server or workstation? If it is a server, it could be an
      Active-Directory issue. I do not know how to configure Active Directory,
      but if the PC is not in the correct workgroup, it can be very slow. I
      have experienced this with the software I support in my day job.

      What version of Windows is V-central? What version of Windows is your
      PC? There may be a clue there.

      The difference between the \\computername\etc. and V:\etc. is that there
      could be some sort of network configuration that is not quite right and
      makes the resolution of \\computername take longer. One way to test it
      is to click Start > Run then type \\V-Central and press Enter. If
      Explorer opens right away, then it is something to do with NoteTab. Also
      do the Start > Run and type V:\ and see if Explorer opens as fast as the
      other way. I have seen some programs that will not find a connection on
      the network, but you can ping the PC.

      You could also try the IP address of \\V-central in the run box.

      My guess would be either something with active directory, or some other
      misconfiguration on the network.

      I have also seen lightning do weird things to network cards. Over the
      years, I have experienced 5 clients having lightning strikes that do
      just enough damage to the network card on one or more PCs that all
      programs on the network work, except the one I support. Replacing the
      network card fixes the problem. If you have had a lightning strike or
      other major power surge, swapping out a network card may help.


      Larry Hamilton
      Kairos Computer Solutions
      Sales Affiliate for Grisoft Anti-Virus

      xtx222003 wrote:
      > Jeffery thanks for that fantastic question! Alec thank you for
      > googling it down (sometime I forget how much one can learn from
      > a simple search), it was worth more than a shot, because...
      > BAM!!! The files open just like that now!!! I followed the directions
      > in the link for "network drive mapping", and BAM!!! I'm able to open
      > files from both computers browsing through the newly created Network
      > Drives with no delay at all! The old method of using My Network
      > Places is still like pouring molasses.
      > I redid the "copy name" experiment you suggested, and you can see the
      > results:
      > SHARED file path
      > \\V-central\my documents\DELUNA_verna\Working Files\Arts.txt
      > MAPPED file path
      > V:\DELUNA_verna\Working Files\Arts.txt
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