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7431[NTO] Re: HELP: 30 seconds to open txt file is killing me

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  • xtx222003
    Aug 1, 2006
      Hi Alec,

      >You probably mentioned earlier exactly which programs you've been
      able to speedily open for edit (?)

      Each of these programs open txt and html files in a blink.

      * HTML Help Workshop 4.74
      * Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004
      * Macromedia HomeSite 5.5
      * Metapad 3.51
      * Microsoft Word 2003
      * PSPad
      * TED Notepad 4.53
      * UltraEdit-32 12.10
      * WordPad

      But, NoteTab Pro 5.0, NoteTab Light, and NoteTab Pro 4.95 all take 30
      seconds to open. Which leads me to believe that a) it's something
      with NTP, and b) that migrating to XP Pro would not make any

      When installing TED Notepad, it suggested that making it the default
      program for txt files may interfere with your systems file protection
      system. I'm still wondering about this and the way NotePad is
      replaced with NoteTab.

      While trouble shooting this, I've noticed that while it will take a
      long time to open the first file, it will then open other files in a
      blink. Maybe I could live with that, but then I noticed that if I
      waited/worked for 20-30 seconds in between opening files, it would
      revert back to taking 30 seconds to open the next file, and so on.

      >Next wild-ass-guess: (again IMO low chance of being correct) Are the
      files you are trying to open from the Network drives UNICODE (which
      Notepad handles natively but Notetab does not)?

      I don't know how to know this. They were created with NTP. The status
      bar says, format: Windows/DOS. WordPad saw and opened the files as
      both regular and unicode.

      >(a) copying (using Explorer etc.) a local file which Notetab opens
      quickly to the network drive in the same location as one of
      your "problem" files and trying to open that in Notetab?


      >(b) as for (a) but use Save as ...


      >Also ... in Options/Tab Bar could you turn ON: Show Name as Tooltip
      and also for one of your problem files could you right click on its
      tab (once open) and "Copy Name" and show us what you get.

      I get: \\V-central\my documents\DELUNA_verna\Working Files\Arts.txt

      >btw: Ale*C* not Ale*X* - I filter on "Alec" for "mystuff" to make
      sure I see it sooner:-)

      My apologies.

      Thanks for all your suggestions.

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